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69105 is a number that became somewhat of an in-joke in several Infocom games

Beyond Zork

There are 69,105 Christmas Tree Monsters.


The sample transcript includes a ticket with the description: "Ticket number 69105. Seat 25F. Acme Building Auditorium."

Running the adventure game cartridge causes the Boysenberry computer to crash almost immediately, with the message, "INTERNAL ERROR 69105.....".


The serial number on the pharmacy label on the tablets is 69105.

Leather Goddesses of Phobos

There are 69,105 leaves in the sack found in Cleveland, Ohio.


There are 69,105 leaves in the book in the cottage.


At the lake edge, a "count leaves" gives

"A quick count turns up exactly 69,105 leaves."

The Witness

The gun receipt used as a bookmark in the mystery book is number 69105.

Zork I

Probably its most famous appearance:

On the ground is a pile of leaves.
>count leaves
There are 69,105 leaves here.
Zork Zero

"This zoo, with 69,105 cages, is easily the largest in Quendor."

Zork: The Undiscovered Underground

Entering the Theater from the Cultural Complex:

"Built to the precise specifications of Lord Dimwit Flathead, its excessive structure holds 69,105 seats, …"

Appearances in later games[]

  • In Adam Cadre's game I-0:
>open trunk
You open the trunk, revealing your laundry.
>examine laundry
There are 69,105 pieces of laundry here.
  • In the NES version of Ultima: Quest of the Avatar, one of the mages claims he's working on a book that has 69,105 pages so far.
  • In the Kingdom of Loathing strange leaflet game-within-game, a parody of classic text adventures, you can count leaves and find 69,105 of them.