69105 is a number that became somewhat of an in-joke in several Infocom games

There are 69,105 Christmas tree monsters.

  • Bureaucracy

The sample transcript includes a ticket with the description: "Ticket number 69105. Seat 25F. Acme Building Auditorium."

Running the adventure game cartridge causes the Boysenberry computer to crash almost immediately, with the message, "INTERNAL ERROR 69105.....".

  • Deadline

The serial number on the pharmacy label on the tablets is 69105.

  • Leather Goddesses of Phobos

There are 69,105 leaves in the sack found in Cleveland, Ohio.

  • Trinity

There are 69,105 leaves in the book in the cottage.

At the lake edge, a "count leaves" gives

"A quick count turns up exactly 69,105 leaves."

  • The Witness

The gun receipt used as a bookmark in the mystery book is number 69105.

Probably its most famous appearance:

On the ground is a pile of leaves.
>count leaves
There are 69,105 leaves here.

"This zoo, with 69,105 cages, is easily the largest in Quendor."

Entering the Theater from the Cultural Complex:

"Built to the precise specifications of Lord Dimwit Flathead, its excessive structure holds 69,105 seats, …"

Appearances in later games

  • In Adam Cadre's game I-0:
>open trunk
You open the trunk, revealing your laundry.
>examine laundry
There are 69,105 pieces of laundry here.
  • In the NES version of Ultima: Quest of the Avatar, one of the mages claims he's working on a book that has 69,105 pages so far.
  • In the Kingdom of Loathing strange leaflet game-within-game, a parody of classic text adventures, you can count leaves and find 69,105 of them.
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