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Antharia landscape
Antharia is the Island Province of Quendor a beautiful land in the middle of the Great Sea. Its capital is Anthar. Tourists to Antharia bring in a remarkable business.

The weather in Antharia is perfect, except for an occasional hurricane in late summer. Mid-spring in Antharia brings the Marble Pageant, followed in the summer by the shark-wrestling in the Flathead Stadium every weekend.

During the month before the Pageant, normal third-class fare to the island can cost as much as Zm17. During the month of the Pageant, hotels are crowded and prices are inflated.

Places of interestEdit

Antharia map

The Antharia University, the shipbuilding factories in South Anthar, the marble mines in the Peltoid Valley, the port of Marba with the 20-bloit conveyor belt, and the Bella Quease. Festeron is another famous a village which was enslaved by the Evil One but freed afterwards.

Near the Granola Mines, in dark holes high in the Antharian Caves, live the Antharian Cave Witches. Grues can be found in the Mines of Mendon.


Antharia was the world's premier sea power until the forces of Duncanthrax vanquished the Antharian Armada at the famous battle of Fort Griffspotter in 665 GUE.

The island became a part of Quendor and this victory gave Duncanthrax undisputed control of the Great Sea, and put the superb ship-building facilities of Antharia at his disposal. The conquest of Antharia also gave the kingdom access to Antharia's famed granola mines although no one in Quendor liked granola. From there, Quendorian explorers were enabled to discover, explore, and eventually conquer, the Eastlands.

John Paul Flathead set a new record for the most circumnavigations of antharia on a raft towed by groupers.

Leonardo Flathead worked on a large statue for the harbor of Antharia. During working on it in 789, he suffered a fatal plunge into a vat of molten granola because of the Curse.


Antharia has been ruled by a council of four "Elders" - one from the Shipbuilding Guild, one from the Granola Miners Guild, one from the Marble Cutters Guild, and one from a popular waterfront pub called "Emu's".

Antharia's governor Hirax Mumbleton married his much younger than him Lucrezia Flathead. After 2 days Antharia was left without a governor.

Other factsEdit

  • Official flower: Spenseweed
  • Motto: "Hieya wizka" ("Hello sailor")
  • Size: 959 bloits2
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