'Antharia' Jack was a T.V. and movie star of Zork. By Frobuary of 1067 GUE, he was retired and ran a lantern shop in Port Foozle during its occupation by the Inquisition. He was known to have starred in the Z-Team TV series, as well as Great Underground Adventure IV. Jack was instrumental in helping the Fourth Dungeon Master restore magic to the Great Underground Empire and defeat the Grand Inquisitor. He appears in Zork: Grand Inquisitor.

Sometime prior to 1067 GUE, Jack's lantern shop was a mead speakeasy. After traveling through the time tunnels, Lucy Flathead entered, became a high roller, and proceeded to defeat Jack in a game of "Strip -- Grue, Fire, Water." Rather than remove his heart-bespeckled underwear, Jack offered Lucy the lost Cube of Foundation. Lucy stored it in the Walking Castle and returned to the future. Jack fell in love, but never got Lucy's name. He would pine for her until 1067 GUE, when he would meet her again on Flathead Mesa in the final confrontation with the Grand Inquisitor.


  • It is unknown whether he has that name due to hailing from Antharia, or he just took the name.
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