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Bill and June, also known as Bivotar the Brave and Juranda the Dauntless in the Kingdom of Zork, are a pair of childhood friends. After school they usually go for playing and exploring, like to the unused water station beyond the schoolyard, a deserted fort on the riverbank, or cycle to Lookout Pass in the hills outside town. June is good at climbing, while Bill is not good at swimming.

The Forces of Krill[]

Finding the sword.png

One warm, sunny day of early May, they read in school a story about a sword of elven workmanship. After school they were bored of their old games when June noticed something glowing under a bush, and they saw a sword like the one they read in the story. June tried to dissuade Bill from touching it, but he did nonetheless. This was followed by sounds and lights.

Arrival to Zork[]

Welcome to zork.png

They found themselves in another world, specifically on a pathway between tall mountains and and a lush forest below, in the Land of Frobozz; their clothes are transformed in that of a medieval adventurer, complete with tunics and leather belts; the boy had a bag hanging at his waist. They saw a group of knights, on their way to the forest, and Ellron, their leader, stopped and recognised them as "Bivotar" and "Juranda", nephews of lord Syovar, who disappeared years ago; he told them to either talk to an old man in the village or bring the sword to Syovar at their campsite.

Old man cauldron.png

The kids had the option go upwards the hills into a deserted village where they met an old man who invited them in his hut and served them stew. He explained that Krill emerged after the fall of the Great Underground Empire, and brought war and dark magic. Women and children hid in the mountains while the men joined the Knights of Frobozz. He instructed them that they must deliver the Sword to their uncle, and, before warning them not to follow the trail of leaves, leading to Krill, he invited them to stay safe with him hoping that Krill will be somehow driven out (although doing so would only make him stronger).

They followed the path and trail into the silent forest until they reached a clearing, with the smoke of a dying campfire, and a fork leading either to the House of Ellron or the Aragain Falls. A note by Syovar explained that they had to leave quickly, and they should join them at the House of Ellron.

Going to the Aragain Falls[]

Choosing to see the Aragain Falls, soon they see Ellron gallopping behind them, shouting that he is being hunted by one of Krill's warlocks; a dark, billowing shape. They start running after the horseman, and reach a field, beyond which Ellron vanishes. They see that the edge of the field is a sheer cliff dropping into a canyon with a river. As they hesitate, they see the figure approaching, a handsome and friendly man.


Despite this, they decide to follow Ellron and leap off the cliff. To their surprise they see that they float like leaves, and land gently on a narrow bank between the river and the white cliffs, and notice hoof prints upstream leading; then a hermit comes and mistakes them for lovers; he said that they survived thanks to an anti-gravity field. The kids said they are looking for their uncle, and the hermit offered to borrow his boat. They kids however prefer to follow the footprints on foot.

Kids and frog.png

After several miles, they round a bend and see a huge dam. They reach its base at the end of the trail. They notice a passage leading into the cliff wall, and argue whether to explore the passage, or ford the river in a shallow area. Then an enchangted frog appears, sitting ona lily pad, speaking, and saying to climb the stirs to the top of the dam, where they could find the Palantirs, which might help them against Krill.

Going to the House[]

Kids in the woods.png

Juranda decides to climb an accessible tree to inspect the area. Although the view is not much better, in a bird's nest she finds a bronze key, which she brings to Bivotar.

Key in nest.png

Ignoring a leafy trail (which leads to Krill's underground throne room) they follow the trail of dirt, and reach a locked-up White House belonging to Ellron. They entered the kitchen through the ajar window. Inside they share a hot pepper sandwich and water they find there. In the living room they find a runic inscription (which to their surprise they can understand) saying that bringing the 3 Palantirs to that trophy case will drive the evil off the land, and take a lantern found there. Having felt a bump under the rug, Juranda pulls it and reveals a trap door, which opens with the bronze key she found earlier.

Troll and biv.png

Indeed, they descent a rickety staircase into darkness, and turn on the lantern. The moment Juranda changes her mind, the trapdoor mysteriously closes above her (complete with a laughing sound). Without another option they decide to explore a dark tunnel whence gurgling noises come. They reach a carved room with two exits, when a huge Troll with an axe leaps out, blocking an exit. Feeling a glow and energy from the Sword guiding him, Bivotar approaches the Troll, as Juranda tells him to run and escape to the other exit. The Sword decided itself to fight the troll, and guided Bivotar, swinging it toward the troll, avoiding his axe. Eventually the sword sunk into the troll, who died and vanished in a black smoke.

They entered the tunnel which the troll was guarding, and exited to a flat ledge over a vast underground lake. At the far end was the skeleton of an adventurer, holding a parchment scoll. Juranda takes it, and the skeleton collapses into a pile of dust; it is a map supposedly showing the location of the Palantirs, but the specific part is burnt.

Gnome on bridge.png

Nonetheless they follow the route suggested by the map, a path along the side of the cliff; they encounter a collapsed gap not shown on the map. They sit a bit to think what they could do, when a gnome appears mysteriously, and offers to help them get across, but as payment he asks for the Sword. Bivotar pretended to agree, on the condition that he will hand it over once they are "on the other side". The Gnome made appear a magic bridge, which however would last only 30 seconds. Once they were across, the kids turned around, the gnome still standing on the bridge; Bivotar refused to give it, as they were now "on this side", while there was nobody "on the other side" any more. Realised that he was cheated, the gnome threatened to take the sword by force, and Bivotar gulped nervously; right then the spell wore off and the gnome fell into the abyss.

Consulting the map, Juranda guided them into an opening on the wall, and they followed a winding passage downwards. They emerged again into the canyon, near the tremendous ancient Dam. Then they saw Ellron riding from the opening of the cave, dirty and wounded, and furious seeing them there; they explained that they are looking for the Palantirs, and he told them that Syovar's forces were routed, and is going to meet them at their underground base. He told them to continue their quest for the palantirs, and bring them to Syovar, giving a hint that if they see him without his Ring, it must be Krill.

Finding the Palantirs[]

(both branches converge here)

Found the palantirs.png

Following the advice, they climb to the top of the dam, and into the small control room perched on it. Juranda suggests to exit and cross the water flowing across the dam, but Bivotar prefers to experiment with the buttons; eventually he causes the pipes to burst open, flooding the room, and collapsing a wall. Behind it, they see the Palantirs, which are soon submerged under the murky water. Bivotar dives in and collects the three spheres, putting ithem in his bag; however his leg is wedged between two pipes. The water surface nears the ceiling and Juranda is worried, diving and trying in vain to see Bivotar. Soon however the pipes burst, releasing Bivotar, and the building's window succumbs to the water pressure, spitting both kids out, to the surface of the dam.

They catch their breath and walk along the dam, reaching the northern edge, and follow a path upward along acliff above the reservoir, and into the entrance to a coal mine. They come to a junction passing after a room sparkling with piled treasures and riches, jewels and chests overflowing with coins (which is also the nest of a gigantic vampire bat).

Keeping their minds on their noble cause, they descend into the mine, which grows darker, with less torches. A knight stops them, and recognising them, leads the kids to a room; many knights are there, standing or sleeping in cots, eating or studying underground maps. Someone, supposedly Syovar, comes to greet and embrace them, and orders food, two bowls of lukewarm stew, and some bread. A knight brings a bench for them to sit. He asks about their quest, and they report that they got the Palantirs, and Syovar asks for them. Bivotar however notices that he doesn't have the Ring of Zork and warns Juranda that he is not the real Syovar.

Indeed, the figure becomes an ugly evil creature, and the knights transform into armed lizards. The two kids start running and follow the passages, the lizards behind them. At some point Juranda hellps Bivotar, having stumbled; the lizards gain space then turning around a bend, Juranda leads them through the mouth of a metal ramp where a large bin of coal sits; they slide downward, twisting and turning, and eventually land at a pile of coal dust: they are back at the cellar of the White house.

They climb the stairs back to the living room and they see Ellron, and the real Syovar (recognising him from the form Krill had), waiting there with their knights. Syovar greets them warmly, having heard of their quest from Ellron, and sighs in relief hearing they got the Palantirs. He says they had to flee when Krill discovered their hideout, and feared for the kids's fate. Right then a soldier warned them that 10,000 of Krill's army surrounded the house. Surrendering the Sword and the Palantirs to Syovar, he summons the Warriors of Zork.

All of them are transported to a battle field and the kids watch as Syovar leads his troops holding the Sword, until Krill personally challenges him. He almost managed a fatal blow to Syovar but the Sword of Zork protected him, and destroyed Krill. Then they were transported back to the house, and Ellron said that his wounds were not fatal.

Back home[]

Back home.png

Syovar thanked them for their services and gave them his Ring of Zork. Chanting a spell, he brought them back home, and at first they thought they had a dream, until Bill found the Ring in his pocket. The school clock rang five, they were in time for dinner.

The Malifestro Quest[]

Time passed and with their friends they made plans for the summer vacation and they forgot their promise to return to the magical land of Zork and more adventuring. Bill kept the Ring in the top drawer of his chest.

One Saturday, the first day of the summer vacations, both kids saw a strange dream: Syovar handing from a rope in a torture room, sweating and in pain, snakes hissing at his feet. He asks them to come, take the ancient underground route and seek the black crystal sphere. June ran to Bill's house and started banging on his window, wwaking him up. She climbed into his room and they agreed that they both saw the same horrible dream. They checked on the Ring and saw it pusling with flashes of vivid light and decided that it can't be a coincidence, but they are summoned.

Holding June, he wore the Ring, and with a flash of light and a puff of heavy smoke they are teleported into a bedroom of a castle.

Retun to Zork[]


They exited through a massive oak door out to a dim corridor, and explored the huge but silent castle. The drawbridge at the front gate was down, leading out to a wide grassy plain and tall mountains in the horizon, under a gray and overcast sky.

Then, they see a pair of elves scampering away around a corner. They hunted them into a dead end corridor and found out that the elves, named Fred and Max, were afraid of them, thinking they are send by the evil wizard Malifestro. Ensuring that they are friends, they asked the elves about what happened, Syovar's capture by Malifestro, the disappearance of Ellron and his knights and the desertion of the Castle of Zork.


Although the elves insisted that it is too dangerous to seek Syovar and should stay in the castle, the kids said that it was a dangerous place, and should rather follow them to their quest; the elves reluctantly agreed. They led the kids to a storeroom, and passing by a stupid troll, chose their equipment.

Choosing the weapons[]

Tree sleeping.png

Bivotar considered taking a trunk of weapons. On their way out the elves decided that the prospect of fighting scares them and remained behind. An hour after leaving the castle the kids see a band of thieves approaching and, instead of fighting with one of the weapons, they hide behind some rocks. At twilight they reach a circular grove of trees; Bivotar, despite hating climbing on trees, proposes to sleep in one's nooks, to be safe from thieves or animals.

A gray day dawns and they climb down. Juranda whistles merrily as Bivotar hurts everywhere. The trunk also seems heavier.

Entering a cave into the Mountains however will cause the kids to be eaten by grues, as they are in the dark and the weapons can't save them.

Choosing the magic potions[]

Juranda convinced him that taking sack with magic potions would be more useful.

Flathead Mountains.png

They started their journey to the Mountains, and Max gave some waybread to Bivotar who complained that he didn't even have breakfast. An hour later they heard a band of horsemen approaching whom the elves recognised as thieves. Looking into the sack, they produced an invisibility cloak and a powder of friendliness spell; although the elves disagreed about which is more reliable, both allowed the party to pass this encounter safely.

Tree stump.png

In the afternoon Juranda complained that her feet hurt, and Fred brought them to a circular grove around a tree stump, saying it was a source of magic. He told them to stand on the stump and gave them some hard and bitter cakes, that would magically transport them beyond the Mountains, but all they did was to transport them only 3-4 feet.

Magic carpet.png

They decide to camp there for the night, and Juranda pulls out from the sack a magic square carpet. The elves decide to use it in order to facilitate their travel; reading the instructions on the label, they sat on it and made it launch, but the two elves fell on the ground and ran behind them. The kids tried to remember the magic word to order the carpet to land, and looked for the label, but they found out much later that Bivotar was holind it all the time. Eventually they landed by they were too far away, and there was not much magic left to fly over the mountains.

At the Mountains[]

At sunset they arrive at the base of the mountains. Off the south Bivotar sees some campfire (which is actually some band of ogres) but they go to the north where they see a cabin next to a cave entrance. Inside there is a man called Vengrallior who seems to know everything about them and their quest; he gives them porridge and some instructions: turn not from the one-eyed monster and pass through the gates of despair; with this, he was exhausted and fell back. He wouldn't answer more questions as the kids should be meek and innocent to be undetected by Malifestro, who is his mortal enemy. With a wild laugh, he vanished.

The kids slept in the cabin and the next morning they left to continue their quest. Remembering Syovar's words in the dream, to take the underground route, they enter the cave; soon after the ground trembles and the roof collapses behind them, trapping them in darkness, with menacing gurgling noises around.


Having no other options, Bivotar pulls a jar out of the sack which he opens; rays of sunlight illuminate all the cave, momentarily revealing all around hideous creatures, who dash away in fear. They follow the passage which sometimes appears unfinished, with rough, uneven rock, but at other points with smooth stone floor and tile walls (some of which have detached). They reach a round room with smooth walls engraved with some writing and pictures of giant ogres and ghostly shapes. Hours later they reach a fork a junction forking into four tunnels, and a sad young man, the Prince Melanchitis who was selling shoes. He told them his story, and they replied that when they destroy Malifestro his business will pick up again, and he gave them two pairs of magic sneakers for keeping him company. He told them that all passages lead to the same place.

Indeed, 10 minutes later (and with the jar dimming) they reached another junction merging into a single passage. There they pick up a bottle of "Frobozz Magic Wizard Escape Potion" claiming to release from any wizard. Further along they encounter a massive door with a gigantic doorknocker and a mail slot, reading that it belongs to a cyclops named Walter M. Smith. Despite the menacing size of the door, they decide not to enter a side passage on the left (which is actually a lair of hobgoblins) but remember Vengrallior's words about the one-eyed beast, and try the door.

The cyclops however started preparing for breakfast, and the kids didn't see any other exit; Bivotar tried to scare him saying that Odysseus is coming also and is at the door, making the cyclops to ran towards the other end of the house, opening a hole at the wall, and a passage.

Descending a flight of stairs, they entered a place called Temple of Zork and found a book named 22 Favorite Exorcism Prayers of the Great Underground Empire which Bivotar picked up. Descending further, they reached a room with iron gates resembling hell. Remembering the sorcerer's advice about the "gates of despair", they decided to enter them, ignoring the stairway at the opposite end. As the spirits stopped them from passing, Bivotar performed an exorcising ritual from that book, driving them away.

Giant toad.png

Inside, Juranda pointed at a relatively safe ledge leading upwards, which they take. They enter a steep tunnel; the sunlight jar almost dimmed but at the distance a dot of light could be seen. They decide to wear the sneakers given by the Prince to aid their ascend. Then a giant toad hops out of the shadows and starts leaping after them. The magic sneakers help them jump fast and high, and help them to avoid its tongue, lose it and emerge from an exit into sunlight.

To their surprise they see the elves waiting for them and started narrating their adventure, quarrelling about which one of them brought them into trouble; Biv calmed them down and started narrating theirs, but Juran interrupted them. Max said that Malifestro's castle was within a forbidding wood, and they tried to say that it was not too late to turn back. Juran said that after coming this far they couldn't turn back.

Nearing Malifestro[]

They enter the sinister forest and arrive at the walls the castle. Biv terrified the elves when he joked about knocking the door, and Juran noticed some vines growing up the wall. Fred said he had a vision, seeing a black sphere in the tower, as Syovar had told them, and that someone is imprisoned inside, but then the vision stopped. The elves climbed first the vines, and the kids followed. Just as they became thinner, they led into a window.

Inside the window they ended up in a dark small room with the crystal sphere near the window. Biv guessed that Syovar was imprisoned inside and Fred suggested to put it on the pentagram inscrubed upon the center of the floor. Indeed a terrifying demon appeared from the sphere, causing the elves to hide behind the kids; he told them that Syovar was dead and Malifestro was preparing an invasion, but he would grant them a wish if they freed him with the Wizard Escape Potion, which they intended to use for themselves.

Syovar is back.png

Ignoring the elves, the kids asked him to bring Syovar back to life; he said it was an uncertain feat, and hoped that if Syovar returned successfully, he would destroy Malifestro, repaying him. Indeed, after some smoke and sparks, a dazed Syovar appeared, happy that the kids heard his call, and embraced them. He said that he knew Malifestro's plans and decided to challenge him in mortal combat; clapping his hands he transported them above the throne room. There they watched as Malifestro appeared and entered a magic duel until Syovar managed to entrap Malifestro in an orb.

Syovar's return[]

With another magic, Syovar brought them to the Castle. The elves cared for the kids as Syovar rested.

The next morning people gathered to welcome and praise Syovar. They followed him out to the balcony overlooking the meadow, and Syovar presented to them the heroes who risked his life, and named them Brave and Dauntless. In turn the kids praised the "bravest elves of the world" without which they couldn't make it. Then Syovar said it was time to return home; they bid farewell to the elves who complained. After a dizinless and blurriness, they found themselves in Bill's bedroom, as they were the moment he was holding the Ring.

Bill's bedroom.png

Bill's mother was calling him for breakfast, and June moved to the window to climb out, promising to return to Zork sooner this time.

The Cavern of Doom[]

Lookout point.png

The kids passed the summer together; two months after their adventure, and after a week of a heat wave, they rode to their favorite Lookout Point. Sitting under the shadow of their familiar overhanging rock, they sit silent looking at the edge of the cliff. They admit they have been thinking about the Land of Zork; Bill reached into his pocket to hold up the Ring of Zork.

Then, he was startled by a scurrying lizard from behind; the Ring fell and rolled along a rock toward the cliff; the kids lept after it, but Bill slipped on a patch of gravel. June grabbed onto him but both plunged over the precipice.

Thoughtful Syovar.png

As both rushed toward the ground, they fell on a plush carpet; they found themselves in the throne room of the Castle of Zork, in their adventurers' garb, causing a commotion among those having a luncheon in the banquet hall. Syovar soon notices them and comes to greet them; they narrate what happened and Syovar explains that perhaps the Ring's magic protected them, or his thoughts summoned them; that moment the Ring suddenly appeared in mid-air, and Syovar collected it.


Syovar says that there is a banquet, and the jousting finals as well as a fair. He invites them to join any activity, but he wants needed to talk with them in his library. Over cakes and herbal tea, he told them about the Great Underground Empire, his life, his adversaries, but also his recent developments in the Kingdom of Zork. He ended up mentioning a perilous cavern where many had disappeared, including Fred and Max, explaining Syovar's thoughtfulness. Syovar sensed that nobody could enter and return from there safely unless of innocent and pure heart. As it was getting late, a servant took them to their chambers.

Later that night, Juran quietly entered Biv's chamber and woke him up, saying that they should go there; Biv first joked, and said that she must be crazy, but Juran pointed out that as they are children they could be innocent enough to be safe, for the sake of their elven friends.

To the cavern.png

The next morning, over breakfast, they brought the matter to Syovar. He was flabergasted and objected, pointing out that 50 wise and brave men were trapped, and his own magic had no power there. The kids insist, pointing out their friends and others needing rescuing. Syovar agreed, and by consulting a map, he teleported themselves into a small underground hollow; the kids were holding stout staffs. Syovar provided them with rations, a lamp and an amulet that could detect evil; he cast on them a protective spell and once the kids entered the doorway, he re-sealed it behind them.

Inside the Cavern[]

Cave behemoth.png

They saw a fork of passages; the right one felt strange (actually it was the mouth of a cave behemoth) and went to the other one that had footprints. They descendent some stairs and found a skeleton with a shovel, which Bivotar took with him. They reached a cave with a stone hut; they peeked inside and decided to enter in order to have some lunch.

Grawl's hut.png

Inside they noticed a stair leading to a cellar, and it turned out that it was the workroom of the evil wizard Grawl, whose name Syovar earlier mentioned; it was full of magical curios and Bivotar snatched a magic scroll that allowed them to speak with animals. They noticed that the amulet started to glow (Grawl was returning home) and they left on time.


They passed a shallow stream and entered another passage at the far end of the cavern until they reached a small round room, on whose center was painted a red X. Bivotar guessed that something was beneath and asked the shovel, while Juran thought it was a waste of tim until digging became difficult. However Biv found a giant ruby. Juranda momentarily thought digging again to find more but then felt embarassed.


The kids reached a point where the passageway had parallel metal strips on the center of the passage, as it had been an old coal mine. Around a corner they came upon a car fileld with coal. Next to it was a strange wide doorway to a brightly lit room with a washing machine-like device. They approached and saw that it was a "Frobozz Magic Compressor" along with some smaller letters hard to read. They decided to put something inside, like coal, and turned it on, and after some lights and noise, the coal became a huge diamond. Bivotar thought to make more diamonds but Juranda said they had other business (luckily, as the machine would overload if it had to work more than three times a day).

Jewels trunk.png

They passed beyond the mine where the environment became moisty with mosses. They came to a small tunnel leading to a trunk full of jewels. Biv wanted to take a closer look but Juran didn't like the a carpet of green plants before them, which sway slowly, and which were actually whip-weeds. They ignored the trunk and continued, eventually reaching an a junction with an iron gate, and two other ominous-looking exits: a hole on the ground and a bone-laid passage. Right behind them a stone door fell, waking up a gnome guarding the gate. Faking a smile, he asked for some gem, preferrably a ruby, to let them continue their way.

Gnome diamond.png

The kids gave him the ruby Biv found, which the gnome complained was too small. Juranda angrily said that they should rather climb the gate, and the gnome threatened that he would summon his colelague, Tholl the troll. Bivotar then gave him the diamond they created earlier. The gnome against showed disssatisfied but he would allow them to pass this time.

Ice mirror.png

They reached a cavern whose one side was a giant wall of ice, reflecting their lantern light like an enormous mirror which they admired. Beyond the caven, they reached a scarred and blackened passage, and in another wide cavern, they saw a dragon. He gave a deep-throated roar, and blocked their exit.


Biv thought using the spell found in Grawl's hut to talk with him, and once Juranda chanted it, gradually, the dragon's roar coalesced into understandable language, and said that nobody can pass by Leblong the Dragon. Biv shouted that they are friendly and only wish to pass. The dragon laughted and said it is his job appointed by Grawl to guard it for 1000 years, as he promised to dispose his evil twin brother. The kids then tricked him into believing that Grawl didn't keep his promise; they claimed that earlier they saw an identical dragon, who said he was Berlong, and that he was waiting for him. After thinking for a while, the dragon agreed to be led to him, warning that he will not let thekids out of his sight.

They led him along the passage and to the cavern with the ice-mirror. and pointing at the dragon's reflection they said it was Berlong. Indeed, the dragon let some warning gout of fire, and seeing the same from his "twin", he engaged into a battle of fire. His flames melted the ice, with torretns pouring, swirling around the cave, and sweeping the kids. A wave washed them down the tunnel back into the now-empty dragon's nest.

They wrung the water from their clothes and picked up their possessions. They noticed that the lamp, damaged by the water, was growing dimmer. They entered the tunnel before Leblong would return, and ran before the light went out. Indeed, 5 minutes later it left them in darkness, and they heard the sound of approaching grue teeth all around them. Their only guide was a spot of light ahead, an exit, to which they ran faster and faster. The grue behind them cried angrily. As they ran Juranda stumbled and dropped the rations. With a final burst of speed they came into a lighted area, and behind them saw a grue crysin in pain and fear, and dashing back into darkness. Regaining their breath, Juranda saw Syovar's talisman, which was dark, ensuring that they were safe.

Meeting Grum[]

In that new enormous cave, glowing by phosphorescent mosses, they see hundreds of life-sized stone figures of knights, explorers, adventurers, and realise they aren't statues but people turned to stone. Then they hear a terrible hoarse croak, telling them to leave Grum alone or they will regret it. Biv considered heeding the warning or they will also be turned to stone, but Juran said that these statues are the lost explorers, and furthermore the talisman was not glowing.


They followed the creature's voice and saw it darting and hiding behind some statues. The kids questioned Grum, who said that it remembers only that it was enchanted by Grum, making it so horrible that anyone looks at it are turned to stone, but couldn't remember anything else.

Juranda also came and they agreed that it is not so horrible, as there are other kinds of beauty; he demonstrated his inner beauty by warning them not to come, despite ling alone for so long. They invited it to come with them and that someone might break his enchantment.

Discussing this matter, Grum said where they can get a torch since they lost their lantern. As he led them toward an opening, Juranda noticed two statues, who were Fred and Max, who were fighting over a figurine right before Grum turned them into stone.

Finally they reached a short hallway and a round room, with a magic ivory torch on a pedestal. A signpost showed the four exits of the room. Juran proposed to turn back the way they came but Biv was worried about Grawl or Leblong. Grum couldn't help as he never left that point.

Bivotar proposed to enter the "Hall of Mirrors" as it seemed to be the safest choice of the other ominous ones. They followed the passage and came to an underground room that was an exact replica of the banquet hall of the Castle of Zork, where they had been earlier; only that everything was backwards. IT also had a mirror-wall like the original one, and its "reflection" was like the real hall. Bivotar touched its surface and a quake followed; all three fell down and when they stood up they were back in the castle.

Back in the Castle[]

They stood up and in the place of Grum there was a handsome youngman dressed in princely robes, who introduced as Logrumethar, Syovar's lost son. Right then Syovar entered, who just felt a rumble, and froze seeing the face of his son.


That evening, Syovar held a big banquet to celebrate the safe return of the heroes and Logrumethar, and the kids flanked father and son on the table. Between mouthfuls Bivotar asked about how the enchantment was broken, and they explained to him that kids like Biv and Juran could succeed where brave adventurers and warriors had failed, and that Grawl could not foresee: the enchantment began to break when they demonstrated kindness to Grum, and touching the mirror destroyed the last of the curse, restoring the prince's memories and appearance.

Hugging elves.png

With that, Syovar paused the feast and stood, and began casting a powerful spell. A tornado was formed and in its place appeared dozens of explorers, treasure hunters and knights, all dazed and confused. Fred and Max was almost there and ran to hug the kids.

Syovar turned to the kids and said that it was the time to part once again, expressing his gratitue for their deed, so avluable to himself. He hugged them warmly and handed the Ring to Juranda.

The world went dark and then Bill and June found themselves still sitting on the ledge at sunset. Looking at Bill, June slipped the Ring into her pocket, and silently mounted their bicycles to return home.

Conquest at Quendor[]

After the summer vacation the kids returned to schoo. One warm day with light breeze, Bill was playing a game of baseball. They were losing 5 to 3 and the visitors put their first two batters on base for the final inning. Standing on the pitcher's mound, Bill in vain looked toward the coach Mr. Rock for instructions. June, at first base, yelled to encourage him.

Cloud hand.png

When Bill tossed the ball toward the plate, he heard a thunder and looked upward. A black cloud roiled toward them and cold wind whipped the field. Rain started and everyone ran to the dugouts. Bill jumped next to June, who noted that she never saw such a sudden storm. Lightnings exploded and the cloud swirled, transforming into an enormous hand. Reaching down, it lowered and entered the dugout, flicking the roof aside and grasped Bill and June.


They slept like dragged and Juranda woke up first; they were wearing tattered, soiled garments, and find themselves in a shallow pit with straws, within a dungeon; its dark ceiling high beyond view, and air full of rotting straw. Scurrying sounds came from dark corners. They wondered about the black hand and where they are.

Biv helps Juran over the rim, and she helped Biv scrambled out; a nearby wall was dank covered with slimy moss and rocks lay strewn about. A winding stone stairway led upward. A single tiny window far above gave some light, and a ray fell upon a heavy wooden box on the floor. Then an apparition appears in the air, a strange evil-looking creature speaking in rhyme, saying that Bivotar will soon die without the silver spoon, and disappears laughing maniacly.


That moment a big scorpion stings Bivotar. They notice that the box contains a "Frobozz Magic Scorpion Sting Remedy". There was not an apparent way to open it, and although Biv already felt sick, Juran started looking frantically through the straw. Indeed, she found a spoon, with which she pried off the lid of the box and revealing a vial with an antidote. Biv gulps it down and stops shivering.


In the box Juran also finds a parchment with a magic spell for summoning a messenger nymph; Biv suggested to use it to summon Syovar. Juran wondered where the staircase leads but the creature appeared again, saying that "sharp fangs" await them there. Juran was skeptical but Biv pointed out that it was right about the spoon. They use the spell and a nymph appears; they send a message to Syovar to rescue them, and then they lie on the straw to rest.

Captured elves.png

Their restless sleep is cut when they hear voices and a door closing; they are joined by Fred and Max who were also captured, but reveal that they are there on purpose, in order to be rescued by Syovar. They are interrupted by an explosion that opens a large hole on the wall, revealing Syovar in battle with Grawl. Although Bivotar noticed that Syovar is not winning, the elves urged everyone to run through the opening. Fleeing they looked behind just to see the end of the battle; Juranda cheered seeing Grawl defeated. The apparition appeared again over his body and cursed the severely wounded Syovar, who right then fell to the ground.

Syovar unconscious.png

A great white light surrounded them and transported them to the Castle of Zork. Syovar was lying on a bed unconscious and Logrumethar over him. He approached to gree the kids saying his worry about Syovar's condition. He wondered where Grawl found such a power, and Juranda narrates the appearances of that being. Bivotar describes it and Logrumethar explains that it was the legendary demon Jeearr. He then realised that Biv and Juran weren't snatched just for revenge, but in order to lure Syovar and sabotage the upcoming Treaty of Quendor. Logrumethar credited the leader's respect towards his father an important factor for his success, and that his absence would doom the outcome.

Then he thought of the magic Helm of Zork, that would allow him to take the magicl form of his father and ensure the success of the Conference. Juranda suggested to go search for it to salvage the treaty, even if Logrumethar couldn't leave his father. They briefly considered also staying by his side (pointing out that first aid course last year). After some whispers they decided they couldn't help by staying there and should seek the Helm. Logrumethar brought them to his chamber and gave Juranda a small glass sphere that would allow them to return to the castl when needed; and a lantern. Then casting a spell from a scroll, he teleported them somewhere near the Helm.

Seeking the Helm[]

Cliff waterfall.png

In a flash, they find themselves near a river under a cliff, with a waterfall pouring out of a hole above them, and a rainbow arching above it. A red buoy is moored to some rocks. Across the river is a thick forest, above which are the ruins of a castle. Then they heard Jeearr's voice mentioning something that bobs and sways, and told them to walk on the rainbow after twisting a sceptre. Juranda was skeptical that they could walk on the rainbow, but Bivotar tried and saw that it feels like walking on a foamy surface. Juranda insisted ed about checking that buoy


Bivotar reluctantly followed her, and reached the outcropping of rock; indeed they heard something rattling inside, and found a seam where it was supposed to open. Juran tried to remove the top part and almost fell backward; Biv discovered inside a golden sceptre, studded with huge emeralds, rubies, diamonds, sapphires and all sort of jewels. Waving it around, produced rainbows of color. Juran agreed about climbing that rainbow.

Walking on rainbow.png

The rainbow proved solid to support their walking, but at the apex of the arc, they felt their feet sinking, as it was dissolving above the rapids. They remembered the magic properties of the sceptre, and Bivotar held it, wavingit back and forthe; a ripple raced along the rainbow's length, as it fell from Biv's hand and plummeted into the river. However it was enough to allow the rainbow to harden into a walking surface. Eventually they reached a cave opening in the cliff.

Bivotar turned on the lamp, revealing a tunner leading into the earth, downwards. The roof was loose dirt, dust and pebbles falling occasionally. They turned a corner and found a cerberus-like dog with 3 heads, tied to a spike with a chain and collar. Once it starts straining at the chain and barking with all his strength; the resounding barks cause the roof to shake and collapse behind them, sealing them off. As they realise that they are trapped, Jeearr again appears chuckling, and speaks another riddle, about giving a puppy his dinner.

3-headed dog.png

When he disappears, they notice that the dog's chain is about to snap by they strain. Juranda considers using the bead and return to Logrumethar before the chain is broken. However, they notice a huge bone on the ground, with hunks of meat, lay beyond its reach. Biv had the idea to toss it to the creature. It was too heavy and they grabbed each end of the bone; they swung it back and forth and throw it closer toward the dog.

All the heads teared at the meat and picked it clean in a few seconds; the creature leapt toward them, snapping the chain. The kdis had nowhere to run and waited for their end, but they were just slobbered by its tongues, while its tail wagged furiously in joy. Biv scratched one of its heads between the ears, until Juran noticed a doorway. They left the dog as it was staring after them with baleful eyes and clawed the floor to bury the bone.

Balloon painting.png

They found themselves in a room that looked like an artist's studio albeit vandalized; its surfaces splattered with paint, with hooks on the wall and broken picture frames. Only one picture still hanged in the center of a wall, depicting a hot-air balloon over a wooded area. Juran noticed an exit where the tunnel continued; Biv wanted to explore more, and thought about looking behind the painting, but found nothing.

Continuing down the tunnel and its winding turns, it sloped downward, and they heard the roar of rushing water. They reached a fork, with the roaring sound coming from a smaller side tunnel to the left, making Bivotar curious.

Tunnel fork.png

(They ducked and entered the smaller tunnel, and just a few steps later it opened into a huge cavern with a mighty waterfall forming a swirling pool at the far end, which emptied into a huge hole in the floor. The reverberating noise is overwhelming, shaking the walls and the kids clamp their hands over the ear, as it vibrated through their heads, and dashed out; Bivotar almost dropped the lamp in his haste. Back in the relative quiet, they said that they noticed a rectangular object glinting in the center of the cavern, probably a bar of platinum or silver. Juranwondered if it would be useful but Biv said it would be impossible to return without some earmuffs.)

Sliding down.png

They left the tunnel and continued along the main passage, still sloping downwards. The floor was covered with pebbles and rubbles and Bivotar soon lost his footing; he tried to grasp Juran, pulling her down with him and slid the slope in an avalance of rocks. Eventually they landed to a small rectangular room with wooden walls, with a narrow door. Biv noticed that the lantern was battered and the bulb was flickering.

Juran tried to open the door which was blocked by something behind, which she felt it was a wall, which seemed strange to her. Fearing of darkness, Biv considered using the bead to return to Logrumethar and equip them with another lamp. Juranda Juran however investigated more, and knocking on the walls discovered that there was open space behind one. They tried to break through it and banged or threw their weight against it. The wall didn't budge but Juran sensed that the room turned a little bit; she realized that turning the room 90 degrees would allow the door to open. Biv was sceptical and looked contrite but helped, until they felt the room turning a few inches, and then swung more easily.

Lava tube.png

Indeed, the door opened leading to a circular area, a dim light coming from above, just in time when the lamp sputtered and went out. The room was a wide ledge extending until the middle of a vertical cylindrical shaft, with walls melted into smooth and shiny surface; they realised they were in a volcano. In front of them was a huge straw basket with a metal frame and a giant orange cloth bag over its side.Under themouth of the bag, attacked to the frame, was a receptacle. Beside was some pile of wood and a small matchbox.

As Biv examined the weirdness of the place, Jeearr appeared again, reminding them that "hot air always rises" and floated upward to the sky. Realising that they were looking at the mouth of a volcano, they felt trapped again. Juranda thought using the cloth bag as a rope to climb down. Studying the contraption for a moment, he realised it is actually a hot-air balloon, and both realised that if they build a fire with the wood, they will leave the volcano mouth. Indeed, they built a fire with the matches and the bag began to expand; they scrambled into the basked as it began to float and rose up the lava tube and emerged out of the mouth.

Balloon ride.png

The day was sunny without clouds, a brisk wind swept the balloon away and over a lush forest. A wide grassland followed the forest, and beyond them some jagged peaks (perhaps the Flathead Mountains). Juranda enjoyed the ride and wanted to pass over the mountains, but Bivotar thought it would be better to land the balloon soon; he closed the lid and the balloon dropped lower, into a placid stream, and eventually landed near some ruins.

Castle ruins[]


The kids climbed out and approached the ruins of a castle overgrown with ivy. Around it was a wide moat full of murky bubbly water and flesh-eating fish. It was crossed by a 20ft long narrow rotten drawbridge.


Again Jeearr appeared in the air with another riddle, saying that their object lies within, but first they must pass a spelling test. Bivotar thought to go inside to find out if the Helm is indeed inside, and began walking toward the bridge, but Juranda said that it looked like about to collapse, so perhaps they should swim across. Biv noticed a canvas bag lying in the grass; inside was a parchment scroll. he read it and discovered it is Leapineus Lizardus; a spell for leaping tremendous distances for two people.

Following some argueing about the dangers of crossing the drawbridge or swimming, they decided to try the spell. Grasping hands Biv recites the words and they feel a tickling energy spreading through their legs, and without even thinking about it, they are soaring gracefully traversing the air above the moat, over the ramparts and gently landing amidst the rubble inside the courtyard.

After their initial surprise, Juran proposed to split up and search around, and meet back here later. Biv found a stepladder in a closet, an explosive brick with a fuse in the armory, and a shrinking spell in a bedroom. Juran found a letter opener and a doormat, and looked downcast she couldn't find anything more useful.


The only unexplored part was the tower that was still standing. They climbed a narrow winding stair and reached a wide landing, crowded with rats who scurried away. A heavy wooden door separated the landing from another room. It was locked but a small barred window on it allowed view to the room beyond, and on his tiptoes Biv saw a golden helmet in there, standing on a pedestal in the center. A glass transom was above and a 2" gap at the bottom. Thanks to a mirror at the far end, he saw that the key is still attached to the other side of the lock.

They remembered a detective mystery they read last year in class, with the old trick of getting through the locked door. Juran proposed to use the doormat under the door, beneath the lock, and poke the letter opener into the keyhole. They heard the thud of something falling, and found a rusty iron key on the doormat. They easily unlocked the door.

They gasped at the radiance of the Helm, which Juran gingerly picked and admired it from all sides. Then a cold wind surrounded them, closing the door behind them,and Jeearr floating behind them, now his face frozen in cold hatred, and told them, in a voice full of malevolence, that a whilwind will bury them with this tower. Instead of disappearing, its whipped back and forth its tail, faster and faster, and they heard a wind wailing around the turret. The floor quivered, and bits from the ceiling crumbled down.

Biv urged Juran to use the bead, and she broke it against the stone floor; a colored light swirled around them, growing brighter and surrounded them. When they opened their eyes, they were back in Syovar's chamber.


Seeing them, Logrumethar stands up to congratulate them, admiring how they found it so quickly a treasure that defied the greatest adventurers for centuries. The kdis asked about Syovar, whose condition always worsens.

Logrumethar is forced to leave as the Conference would begin at midday. He asked them one final favor, to stay and watch after Syovar instead of him, and Juranda accepts earnestly.


The next day they are still by his bedside and Syovar is almost white. The healer returns and after some examination he tells that he has worsened and will die soon. Biv asked what they can do, and the healer mentioned that their alchemists had been working ceaselessly developing an experimenal procedure of potions and spells, but its result is unsure as there was no time to test it. As Logrumethar left Syovar in their care, the weight of the decision lay on them. The kids decided that although risky, it was his only chance.

The kids waited outside while he and his assistants worked and heard tiny explosions, and through the door they saw bursts of light accompanied by strange burning odors. Less than an agonizing hour later, the healer let them inside, and they saw that at least color returned to Syovar's cheeks, and breathed normally; the healer expressed his optimism. Hours later Logrumethar arrived holding the signed treaty, and said that the Helm's magic fooled everyone.

The next day, Syovar regained consciousness for the first time and called the kids to his bedside; he thanked tham for their help and expressed his love, as if they were his own children. Juran returned the love, and Biv congratulated them for the Treaty. He told them than next time they will see the results of Quendor, and with a nod he teleports them home.

Coach Rock.png

They were back in the ballfield, behind the dugout complete with uniforms. They slip back into the dugout and are spotted by a teammate, who mocks them for running off during the 5-minute storm. was bottom of the ninth; they were behind by 2 runs. 2 outs already and Ed, the weakest hitter on the team, was at bat. Coach Rock yelled at June to get up to the plate, and Bill in the on-deck circle. After 3 pitches, Bill and June crossed the plate with the tying and winning runs. Coach Rock congratulated them.