Bizboz was a 5th century student of the mystic arts. He thoroughly examined ancient writings on such mystic subjects as Thaumaturgy.

While living in the faculty at Galepath University he wrote what became the seminal work in Thaumaturgy, On the Presence of Incredibly Weird Stuff Going On in 473 GUE, in which he claimed to have discovered "for-the-most-part Natural Rules" by which this "Weird Stuff" is ordered. This work was ridiculed by the leading scholars of the time, leading to Bizboz's removal from the faculty, and, eventually, to his tragic suicide in 475 GUE.

However, his work encouraged others in the pursuit of magical knowledge. He was the favorite author of Gustar Woomax and perhaps inspired his writing.

Books by BizbozEdit

Spells by BizbozEdit

  • NERZO - Spell for balancing checkbooks.
  • UMBOZ - Spell for tedious housecleaning duties.
  • YUMZO - Spell for destroying mongeese.
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