Borphee from Legends of Zork

Borphee is a large industrial city in the Westlands, the capital of the Greater Borphee Province. The city of Borphee itself is run by an elected mayor.


The recorded history of Borphee goes back to approximately 400 years before the time of Entharion the Wise, when Borphee, along with Pheebor, was one of the great city-states that lay near the Borphee River. Borphee defeated Pheebor in a massive battle that was caused by a feud over the naming of what is now called the Borphee River.


The city of Borphee itself is the largest in all of Frobozz. Borphee Harbor is the busiest port on the Flathead Ocean. This is only one of the several geographic features that help make Borphee the single most accessible vacation spot in the world. From anywhere in the Borphee River valley, travel by ferry is easy and inexpensive. By land, the Coast Road connects Borphee with the ancient cities to the north as well as the populous southlands.

A landmark is the Borphee Observation Tower right in downtown.


The city's nightlife is renowned throughout the GUE.

During the first week in autumn, Borphee is the site of the Double Fanucci Championships, an annual event since 691 GUE. In late spring, G.U.E. Tech holds their annual Spelling Bee, which is free and open to the public. Every winter, the hills of Borphee come alive with the sounds of the most dreadful singers in the land. This event, aptly named The From Bad to Worst Songfest, happens to coincide to the time of year when most hillside residents schedule trips abroad. On the official first day of summer, thousands gather at the Borphee Harbor for the G.U.E. Festival of Small Ships.

Those who are not busy volunteering for the local government are probably involved in one of Borphee's fine educational institutions. Borphee Metropolitan Opera and Ballet Companies are the most prestigious organizations of their kind in the world. Borphee Business School and G.U.E. Tech both have excellent reputations. In fact, many G.U.E. Tech graduates have gone on to start their own magic companies, thus contributing to Borphee's standing as the center of the spell scroll, potion, and infotater industries. In the 9th century GUE, Spellbound and United Thaumaturgy both had extensive facilities in Borphee, and by 947 GUE FrobozzCo International had relocated its massive headquarters to Borphee as well. The prominence of the magic industry in Borphee is undoubtedly related to the fact that the city is home to the Great Meeting Hall of the Enchanters' Guild, the site of the Final Conclave in 966 GUE.

  1. A Borphee baker makes Frobolli Cakes by flinging bits of dough into a hot oven.
  2. The flower of Borphee is the compass rose.
  3. The Borphee motto ("Borphee - fixum rixa poo nastik.") translates to "Borphee - better than you think."
  4. A powerful witch lives there who teaches adventurers some new magical tricks.
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