Brogmoidism is a religion originating in the fourth century GUE.

Its tenets state that a Great Brogmoid supports the world upon his shoulders, and that this Great Brogmoid keeps us from falling into the Great Void. A church of Brogmoidism could be found in the village of the Flathead Castle.

Nowadays this belief is commonly ridiculed (mainly by Zorbius Blattus , and has lost most of its adherents, but nevertheless it is quite true. In 883 GUE the First Dungeon Master explored the depths of the Eastland's caverns and actually came out on the bottom of the earth to gaze upon a brogmoid that was tremendous beyond description.

Chroniclers of history have always been puzzled by the fact that the Brogmoid Hypothesis has traditionally been given less credit than the so-called Turtle Theory, and the Troll Postulate, both of which were the subject of some research by Leonardo Flathead.