Canuk, unducked.

Canuk is a character in Return to Zork played by Jo Marr (aka. Jojo Marr).
Duck Canuk

Duck Canuk: Canuk ducked!

Canuk was one of the two magical survivors of The Great Diffusion, the other being Wizard Trembyle. They survived when they cast upon themselves a Long Life Spell. After Canuk got possessed by The Cluster, he lost his mind and began behaving erratically. Shortly after, he got turned into a duck by Rufus Rooper in self defense. The nameless Sweepstakes Winner "unducked" him with the Yozozo spell. The game of Survivor was built in honor of him and the wizard, due to being the only survivors of The Great Diffusion.

Canuk concealed one of the pieces of the Flying Disc of Frobozz inside his Ship-in-a-bottle. The Sweepstakes Winner had to go inside the bottle, which happened to be full of water, and nearly drowned in the process; but was able to succeed. While possessed by the evil forces of Morphius, Canuk tried to use the Yozozo spell backwards (thought to be called Ozozoy spell) to turn him into a duck. Luckily, the Sweepstakes Winner was nimble enough to reflect the spell with a shiny object.

Later the Sweepstakes Winner re-forged the disc using the Six Ancient Muses of the Arts, to shatter the Wall of Illusion, and infiltrate into the Citadel of Zork. Canuk plus three others had been turned to stone: Rebecca Snoot, Witch Itah, Wizard Trembyle and Rooper. The Sweepstakes Winner faced Morphius in the last game of Survivor, but rather than playing as Canuk; he was forced to employ his best abilities and calculating skills by playing as Wizard Trembyle.

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