Citadel of Zork
The Citadel of Zork was an Illumynite and Translumynite structure, built by Canuk behind a Wall of Illusion; for Morphius sometime around 1635 GUE - 1647 GUE near the Cliffs of Depression. It remained there until the famous Sweepstakes Winner infiltrated the building and faced the evil Morphius in a game of Survivor. When the Sweepstakes Winner won against Morphius, he became furious unleashing a yell that made the walls of the citadel tremble, thus losing concentration over the stone statues of Rebecca Snoot, Rufus Rooper, the Holy Woman of Bel Naire Temple, Witch Itah, Wizard Trembyle, and Canuk (whom Morphius had lost command of). During Morphius tantrum, they were able to cast a spell that turned him to stone and destroyed the citadel.
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