Cliffs of Depression

The top of the Cliffs of Depression

Sometime after the Cluster was stolen by Canuk in 1635 GUE, he began to take orders from it. The Cluster commanded Canuk to build the Citadel of Zork out of Illumynite. Shortly after, Canuk engineered the Cliffs of Depression for mining Illuminyte and Translumynite to build the evil underground empire.

Through the passing of time, the Cluster mutated into Morphius who still had control over Canuk's mind and had already taken command over the vultures, to carry people off into the cliffs to be slaves. Those without a Bonding Plant could not leave and those who had one, would get too depressed eventually, thus making the plant die. The Sweepstakes Winner was one of the few who visited the cliffs in an attempt to recover a piece of the legendary Flying Disc of Frobozz; and was able to leave before his bonding plant died.

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