The Coconut of Quendor is a legendary object.

During the final Conclave of Enchanters in Borphee in 966 GUE, the Guildmaster departed on his quest. The Enchantress Y'Gael realized that the Age of Magic was coming to a close. She proposed storing all of the knowledge and heritage of the Age of Magic in the Coconut of Quendor.

For years the Coconut had been in the possession of a group of Implementors on the Ethereal Planes of Atrii until it was stolen by an Ur-Grue. Historians regarded its historical existence as dubious at best. When an obscure peasant was sent to recover the Coconut, Y'Gael was able to assist the peasant in his quest by following him via the Ethereal Planes. She assumed the role of a shopkeeper in several cities in order to keep track of his progress.

The leading chronicler of Coconut lore had been Gustar Woomax. Orkan of Thriff has suggested that if all the "Shards of The One True Coconut" and "Vials of The Blessed Milk" were gathered in one place, they would form a stack nine bloits high.

Orkan and Woomax were one of the privileged few who were on hand in 966 GUE when the existence of the Coconut was actually verified when an ur-grue (whose motives are not entirely understood), stole the Coconut and secreted it deep under the Mithicus Mountains. An obscure peasant was able to recover the Coconut, which was then used to store the sum of all human knowledge from the Age of Magic.

Once the anonymous peasant found the Coconut of Quendor, Y'Gael used her abilities to ensure that, with the help of the Coconut, the Age of Magic would never be forgotten.

It is believed that the shell of the Coconut is impervious to the passage of time, and thus the knowledge of Magic will survive the Age of Science, and be rediscovered by generations in the distant future.

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