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The Eastlands comprise those provinces which lie on the eastern shore of the Great Sea and the eastern edge of the world.

The Eastlands were for centuries unknown to the humans, and its underground caves were were inhabited by magical creatures such as trolls and goblins. It was around 665

Area around former Flatheadia, feelie from Zork I package.

when the Quendorian fleet from Antharia explored the lands. King Duncanthrax the Bellicose was frustrated that so vast regions were outside his kingdom, so he massed a great fleet to conquer it. The foothold to the Eastlands was made possible after vanquishing a horde of primitive trollish warriors armor with clubs and a large piece of garlic, in Zorbel Pass.

The underground caverns inspired Duncanthrax to expand the area of his Empire, so he founded several companies (the forerunners of FrobozzCo International) to carry out his project. Cavern-building continued at a tremendous pace for the following year until his death, forming what would later be called the Great Underground Empire.

The Eastlands house most of the Empire's underground portion, but remained sparsely populated in the next centuries, when Lord Dimwit Flathead, used to vacate (with 40,000 attendants) there, and became interested by the underground caverns in those areas. When he became King, he moved the capital from Egreth Castle to Aragain, which soon expanded to the immense Flatheadia.

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