The elvish sword is a weapon you get early in all Zork games and helps a great deal in all combat. It is one of your most valuable assets as you progress.

"Above the trophy case is an Elvish sword of great antiquity"
Zork I


The Elvish Sword is not explained in detail in the game, but one can assume that it is an easily manouverable sword, possibly a short sword. The Elvish Sword glows blue when evil is close, although it does not help if there is a Grue close by, likely due to the fact that Grues are beasts mostly driven by pure instinct and therefore cannot be defined as evil. The Elvish sword can be found on the ground in the Barrow when you start Zork II, and stuck in a "great rock" just off the starting room in Zork III.


The Elvish Sword is the only known relic that has been found belonging to the elves that are supposed to be native to the Eastlands. The Sword is found being displayed above the trophy case in the house that you start infront of, and again, you can only assume that an artist that would have been found there up untill a couple of hours or minutes before you start the game found the artifact and was entraced by its beauty.


  • The Elvish sword is found at the begining of the second and third game, regardless of whether or not one got rid of it in the previous games.
  • The first monster you kill with the sword is a Troll.
  • It is apparently one of the swords belonging to the 'Hobbit' characters, Gandalf or Thorin Oakenshield. (Try typing 'take glamdring' or 'take orcrist'.)