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Official Encyclopedia Frobozzica from Activision's Return To Zork

The Encyclopedia Frobozzica is a publication of the Frobozz Magic Encyclopedia Company and the definitive collection of the knowledge of the Age of Magic.

It is the finest of its kind since all entries are compiled by the Frobozz Magic Encyclopedia Research Company. The illustrations are faithfully reproduced by the Frobozz Encyclopedia Illustration Company, and the facts are all double, triple, and quadruple-checked by the Frobozz Magic Encyclopedia Accuracy and Verification Company. Despite this, some of the more sceptical entries, were proven to be wrong; for example, Brogmoidism is true, as the world is indeed held by a Great Brogmoid, the Oracle of Bargth is not a silly legend, and the Curse is not a schoolyard tale. Another error (perhaps typographical) is that Dimwit's death is dated 10 years earlier (779 GUE).

Earlier editions are perfect, but not as perfect as the present one.

A tome was left behind in the Flatheadia Library, because it was too big for the deserters to carry.

It was also the only known source on the name of Barbazzo Fernap.

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