Entharion the Wise was the first King of the Entharion Dynasty and of Quendor.

It was he who united the many warring tribes (including the rival city-states Galepath and Mareilon), and formed the kingdom of Quendor which was little more than what is currently the province of Frobozz.

He built Largoneth Castle.

According to earlier, entries in the Encyclopedia Frobozzica, Entharion and his legendary blade Grueslayer eradicated grues from the face of the world however grues continue to exist.

Current calendar dates from the first year of Entharion's reign in 1 GUE. His reign ended in 41 GUE. He was succeeded by Mysterion the Brave.

Preceded by:
1 GUE-41 GUE Followed by:
Mysterion the Brave
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