The Evil One was a sorceress during the time of King Anatinus II during the tenth century

She was responsible for the magical transformation of the Antharian village Festeron into Witchville and used a troll to guard the entrance. Corky Crisp was put to work torturing The Evil One's prisoners.

The Evil One and others like her sought the Wishbringer in possession of her sister, who was perhaps Y'Gael, working as the proprietor of the local Magick Shoppe. In order to gain control of the Stone, The Evil One kidnapped Chaos, her sister's cat, and held her ransom.

Thanks to the bravery and cunning of a local postal service employee, The Evil One's plan was foiled. Chaos was returned to its owner, Witchville was transformed back into Festeron, and Wishbringer was kept out of the hands of The Evil One forever.

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