Flood Control Dam #3[edit | edit source]

Flood Control Dam 3.png

Flood Control Dam #3 is a staggering engineering feat that must be seen to be believed. It was constructed in year 783 GUE of the Great Underground Empire to harness the mighty Frigid River. This work was supported by a grant of 37 million zorkmids from the local omnipotent tyrant of the era, Lord Dimwit Flathead the Excessive, leaving a big footprint in the Empire's economy.

This impressive structure is composed of 370,000 cubic feet of concrete, is 256 feet tall at the center, and 193 feet wide at the top. The lake created behind the dam has a volume of 1.7 billion cubic feet, an area of 12 million square feet, and a shore line of 36 thousand feet. Needless to say, it has a great appeal as a tourist attraction.

A popular legend indicates that Lord Dimwit had originally intended to name the dam FCD #2, an entirely random designation, since there were no other such dams in existence.

The Dam as it appeared in 1066 GUE

On the first day of summer, its floodgates are opened to lower the water level of the reservoir behind, usually by the King himself. Crowds line the banks of the River to witness the sight.

The Dam was destroyed in 1067 GUE by an adventurer by closing all of the gates at once. The loss of power caused a temporary stoppage of totemization, saving the life of Antharia Jack.

Flood Control Dam #7[edit | edit source]

This dam is near the Frigid River Branch Conservatory, and it was constructed sometime between 783 GUE-924 GUE.

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