Gray mountains
Gray mountains map
Gray Mountains are a mountain range and a province in the far northern part of the Eastlands. At 13,441bloits2, the "Fire and Ice Province" is larger than Antharia and Borphee Provinces put together. The Frobizzan Moss is its official flower, and its motto, "Mekie zimbuz" ("Maybe tomorrow"). The 18,370 inhabitants of the province are ruled from Frostham by a tyrannical governor who is chosen once a month by lottery.

Temperature is almost always below freezing with frequent blizzard. The region sees no change of seasons. However the underground caverns are heated thanks to active hot springs that also serve as a tourist spot. The region is accessed with the Great Underground Highway system. Tolls vary according to the distance and can reach Zm3.

Locales in the Gray Mountains include Lake Dinge and the magical Mirror Lake, with Frank Lloyd Flathead's ski chalet nearby, as well as the factories of the Frobozz Magic Snowmaking Equipment Company. John D. Flathead was touring them with a huge entourage when they disappeared in the mountains. Other locations are the Ski Pole and the intimate Come-On Inn, as well as the Glacier Room and the Rotgut.

Despite its harsh environment, it is a mecca for winter sports enthusiasts, who flock to the famous Grayslopes ski resort or to Lake Dinge for skating. Snow-borrowers rent four around Zm6 per week (and an occasional 1.50 for a service contract).

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