Gurth Province of the Westlands, lies to the north of Miznia and Mithicus. It is chiefly woods and farmland. The Fields of Frotzen, in central Gurth, are known as the "Breadbasket of Quendor".

The capital of the province is Gurth City. Gurth is known for its fine artisans

The Coast Road (Westlands) connects Borphee with Gurth and Mithicus. Travel from any of the westlands costs at least Zm5.

Gurth and Mithicus combined have a population of 2,883,190, and together encompass 21,545 square bloits. These two provinces are governed by an informal board of 13,000 citizens that meets three times each day.

Since the weather is absolutely wonderful most of the year (except the extreme hot mosquito-infested summer months), Gurth is a popular vacation spot, and in fact its nickname, along with Mithicus, is the Vacation Province.

The forest to the north of Gurth city is a known hideout of hellhounds and Cruel Puppets, but those willing to brave those dangers may be able to answer one riddle, and discover the Pool of Eternal Youth.



  • National flower: The Morgia
  • Motto: "Utribiz oomum flaxil zobs" (Don't eat moldy bread)
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