Hades is the Land of the Dead.

It is the central focus of an ancient religion deep underground in the Eastlands, the tenets of which state that trespassers in the temple and breakers of the commandments will be sent there.

Hades is a desolation, with one corner filled with a pile of mangled bodies (the last remains of less fortunate adventurers) who cry with thousands of voices lamenting a hideous fate.

The gateway to Hades, inscribed with the words "Abandon every hope all ye who enter here!" was once guarded by Cerberus, evil spirits and wraithes. However, the adventurer who would become the Second Dungeon Master used the power of the local religion to call upon an unearthly force to exorcise the spirits, allowing anyone free access to the Land of the Dead.

In 1067 GUE, Hades re-vamped its admissions service, installing an automated touch-tone telephone system to call Charon's shuttle to the gates. Regular postage could be delivered to Hades at "666 Hades Proper". The Inquisition's Frobozz Electric Totemizer provided the option of delivering the totems of victims to Hades.

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