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J. Pierpont Flathead (730–789) was the son of King Mumberthrax and one of the Twelve Flatheads, known as a dauntless banker and financier, the most successful banker in all Quendor.

From an early age he showed resourcefullness and the flair for capitalism. At 8 years old, he opened a lemonade stand in the center of Egreth Village. Using the royal militia he forced citizens to buy lemonade at spearpoint at the price of 300 zorkmids per glass (ice was extra), as well as quashing other lemonade stands and , later, all other beverage sources. He realized the benefits of monopolies as his prices soared into quadruple digits.

At 19 years, he became a clerk at the Bank of Zork. During the first 6 weeks, his successive bosses mysteriously disappeared, and J. Pierpont became Chairman of the Board, the youngest in the bank's history. The Bank's market share was 99.2% but using his royal connections he eliminated all competing banks, increasing the share to 100%. Later he encouraged customers to deposit their money several times, soaring it to 131%.

During his service he hired exlusively gnomes as tellers and guards. He also supervised the installation of the latest magic-based security techniques for the bank's vault and deposit box areas.

He had requested to print the only 100000 zm bill.

In 789 GUE he entered one of the vaults and never re-emerged, being a victim of the Curse of Megaboz.

His portrait adorns every branch of the Bank of Zork.

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