Zork Wiki

A jewel encrusted egg found in a bird's nest in a tree. If dropped or thrown, it is found to contain a small clockwork canary. you can also open it using a screwdriver found in the control room for dam #3.

Different Scoring:

  • Taking the egg will give you 5 points
  • Placing the egg (unbroken) into the case will give you another 5 points
  • If you drop the egg from where you got it (the nest) it will bust open, and you can take the canary. NOTE: this results in less points for the egg, and the canary as they will be "broken"
  • "Broken" egg is only worth 2 points
  • "Broken" canary is only worth 1 point.

If you break it with the bottle it also opens..... going to drop to see if I get the bird. Egg is broken and open but I can not open egg or look inside.