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Leonardo Flathead (731–789) was a noted artist and scientist, a son of King Mumberthrax and one of the Twelve Flatheads.

He was a shy and quiet child, overshadowed by his aggressive older brothers. His genious was recognised after he entered Galepath University. There he wrote several major revolutionary scientific treatises; the most famous of them proves that the world actually stands on the head of an enormous troll rather than on the back of a giant turtle.

After his graduation he turned to art. His brother Dimwit's personal militia brought noblemen from every province to his studio to have their portraits painted.

He painted a series of his and his sibling's portraits along with their personalities, a project which took 17 years. He started with his own self-portrait in 766 GUE finishing with his Coronation Portrait of King Dimwit Flathead 783 GUE.

During his later years he became senile; his style was compared to how a Borphee baker flings dough into a hot oven to make Frobolli Cakes. His famous unfinished work Obstructed View of Fjord was lost in his studio under several layers of splattered paint.

He decided to move on to sculpture and worked on a large statue for the harbor of Antharia. While working on it, he suffered a fatal plunge into a vat of molten granola because of the Curse and died.

The portraits were displayed in the gallery at Flatheadia Castle. Winifred Booblort of the Flatheadia Castle Preservation Society provided them for the Flathead Calendar.


  • Leonardo is named after Italian Renaissance artist and polymath Leonardo da Vinci.