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Megaboz was a mysterious, powerful wizard who lived as a hermit life in Fublio Valley. His unassuming shack was adorned with wall hangings and poems.

He was one of the few enchanters whose talent measured up to his ego: One of his tapestries proclaimed "Forget the rest; Megaboz is the best". Until Dimwit Flathead's statue darkened his home at Fublio.

Megaboz and his ego wrote themselves into the history books in 789 GUE when he appeared in the midst of Lord Dimwit Flathead's banquet hall, surrounded by a ball of smoke fuming in anger at the statue, unaware or unimpressed with Dimwit's importance. He proclaimed that "No man, be he peasant or king, crosses Megaboz the Magnificent," and proceeded to curse Dimwit's life, his family, and Great Underground Empire, before disappearing in a ball of fire. One of the servants managed to come across a parchment that hinted at how to stop the Curse.

Dimwit and his siblings all died instantaneously, but the court magicians managed to postpone the rest of the Curse for 94 years.

He took the guise of a Royal Jester in the court of Wurb Flathead, 94 years later, Barbazzo Fernap, and also magically assumed the identity of the famous painter Frobesius Fublius. Megaboz, in the guise of the jester, chose to assist one of the people who attempted to halt the Curse in 883 GUE, who was the descendant of that servant with the parchment, now a family heirloom.

Megaboz, whose motives are extremely unclear, provided assistance to this servant, who successfully found the items necessary to stop the Curse. However, Megaboz had the last laugh. His Curse was apparently much more complicated than had been assumed; the Empire was destroyed anyway, and Flatheadia along with it.

However, Megaboz awarded the servant with half the riches of the kingdom, and awesome magical powers. He assumed control of the Great Underground Empire, and became known as the Dungeon Master.

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