Ancient Mithican villa from The Great Underground Empire: A History.

Mithicus is a small, mountainous province of the Westlands between Gurth and Miznia. Well-known for its fine artisans, and is a popular vacation spot.

The Mithicus Mountains separate Quendor from Kovalli Desert, and are home to a thriving settlement of platypus.

The provinces of Gurth and Mithicus combined have a population of 2,883,190, and together encompass 21,545 square bloits. They are governed jointly from Gurth City by an informal board of 13,000 citizens that meets three times each day to settle disputes and ratify the provincial budget.

It is believed that Zilbo III was exiled in a Mithican villa, where he invented Double Fanucci.

In 789 GUE a small rutabaga farm in Mithicus, was the last holdout to finally be sold out to FrobozzCo.

A Mithican chameleon's skin is said to be able to imitate any color the eye can see... and more.

Mithicus was also the origin of the game Snarfem, named after an ancient Mithican word meaning "to collect pebbles or small stones".


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