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Return to Zork: Mountain Pass

The Mountain Pass (aka. Mountain Path) is a location in Return to Zork. It used to be called The Valley of the Sparrows when it was full of life. It was home to the villages Shanbar and Bel Naire which housed 647 inhabitants. The valley began to decay slowly after The Cluster was found in 1620 GUE, and by the time the Cluster had evolved into Morphius in 1647 GUE the valley was full of death and vultures. The population began to drop gradually as they began to flee the slowly decaying land, the remaining people and buildings began to gradually disappear from Shanbar; which made it even worse.

After the defeat of Morphius in the same year by the Sweepstakes Winner, provoking the scattering of evil magic in the Second Great Diffusion, the vultures disappeared and all his evil curses were remitted. The Valley of the Sparrows regained its name. The fertility quickly returned and the population gradually returned to the valley, although now the both the surface and subterranean regions of the valley were inhabited.