Orkan of Thriff was a mage with a large bear-like appearance.

He was the Guildmaster of Thriff's enchanters for several years in the tenth century GUE, and responsible for the frequent moving of the village of Thriff in order to find a more benevolent climate for his terrible hayfever. He accomplished this feat by gating Thriff to another location via the Ethereal Plane of Atrii. This is only one example of his pride in himself and his disdain for the commoners.

Orkan in 966 GUE landed Thriff south of Miznia. However a horde of 69,105 of Christmas Tree Monsters descended on Thriff, Orkan designed magic glyphs to protect the village until a nearby volcanic eruption caused the entire horde to burn to death.

The same year, he kept a diary which tells of his departure for the Final Conclave of Enchanters in Borphee. He hoped that Y'Gael was wrong in her belief that the Age of Magic was ending and was very skeptical of her plan to store their knowledge in the Coconut of Quendor, due to the difficulties involved in actually locating the Coconut.

Orkan had suggested that if all the "Shards of The One True Coconut" and "Vials of The Blessed Milk" were gathered in one place, they would form a stack nine bloits high.

Orkan and Gustar Woomax were one of the privileged few who were on hand when the existence of the Coconut was actually verified, when an ur-grue (whose motives are not entirely understood), stole the Coconut and secreted it deep under the Mithicus Mountains.


Orkan only used spellbooks bound in Cheveaux Mithican leather.