Moog temple

The Temple of Zizbit in the Pheebor ruins

Pheebor was a city founded well over a thousand years ago.

It started out merely as a collection of huts in a forest clearing at the confluence of the rivers Phee and Bor, and gradually grew over the years until it was a magnificent city with mighty aqueducts and beautiful marble and stone spires.

A controversy arose between Pheebor and its sister city Borphee over the naming of what is now called the Borphee River. The population of Pheebor reasoned that they controlled the source of the One River, so they deserved the right to name it.

Unsurprisingly, the citizens of Borphee disagreed. About 400 years before the GUE, the conflict was resolved by a massive battle between them.

Pheebor was vanquished when a young knight from Borphee beheaded Prince Foo, Pheebor's ruler. All that is left now of the great city-state are ruins still visible.

The ruins were protected by the Zizbits. They were destroyed in the sacking of Pheebor in 396 GUE after which they cast a Protective Circle spell to guard the ruins.

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