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The original name of this page was "Port Foozle". It will be renamed at a later time.

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Port Foozle is the primary seaport of the Frigid River Valley, the busiest seaport in the Eastlands and a common departure point for ships to Antharia.

It lies nine bloits west of Flatheadia and near Quilbozza beach. Underground the area were the Veritassi, the Wishyfoo and the Prevaricons.

Times are hard for the inhabitants of Port Foozle in 883 GUE when the panic concerning Curse Day grew. The once-famous Port Foozle Casino has few customers and sales of fish are at an all-time low and eventually deserted.

In Frobuary of 1067 GUE, Foozle became the center of a lunatic religious fringe called the Inquisition, which understandably led to Port Foozle's decline in popularity. Incidentally, Foozle was the home of the Fisha wand company.

A local known as The Drunk teaches the fine art of unarmed combat for a small fee.