The Rockville Estates blueprints, in the Zork 0 package

Rockville Estates, "The new, prestigious address for the discriminating Young Underground Professional" was an upscale housing complex of 64 units planned by the Frobozz Magic Construction Company for a piece of prime cavern space on the Great Underground Highway near Flatheadia.

The Phase Two was completed by 29 Mum of 880 GUE and occupancy began in spring 881 GUE. By 883 GUE they seemed to be deserted.

They were designed by the renowned architect, Zylo Pickthorn who used a chessboard as a basis; the blueprints were designed by S. Fzortbar, and the Managing Foreman for the project was Quizbo Frotzwit. One of the workers was Goobar.