The Royal Museum was built by Lord Dimwit Flathead in 776 GUE, and dedicated by him the following year. It is located 18 bloits south of Flatheadia.

He had originally intended that the museum be built under 2 miles of mountain and surrounded by 500 feet of steel, but had to settle for a less excessive construction plan. Security clearance procedures take 3 weeks, which discourages many visitors.

It housed the crown jewels, a technology display, and a famous royal puzzle in the form of a sandstone and marble maze. The technology display contains items generously provided by FrobozzCo International, such as a Temporizer, Pressurizer, and Room-Spinner. The Second Dungeon Master used that Temporizer to travel back in time to 776 GUE to steal one of the crown jewels. This resulted in a dramatic increase in security measures by Dimwit Flathead.

The theft of his royal ring no doubt led to a greater eccentric excessiveness on his part.

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