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Krill appearing as Syovar.

Syovar was a great warrior-wizard. He is the uncle of Bivotar and Juranda. He wears the Ring of Zork and is never seen without it.

He was a child during the height of the Great Underground Empire. He learned magic from the ord sorcerer Hermacedus. His enemy was the evil warlock Grawl. Syovar flourished during the last years of the Empire, and he was married to Lorena, and they had one son, Logrumethar. Grawl killed Lorena and cast a powerful spell on Logrumethar, exiling him to a distant land.

During those times the forces of Krill grew strong, and Syovar was unable to prevent the fall of the Empire. Evil times came to the Land of Frobozz, as every warlock in the kingdom attempted to gain control. Syovar helped recreate the ancient royal army of the Knights of Zork, to help bring order to the land.

Unable to locate his son again, he believed that he was dead by then.

The Forces of Krill[]

After his nephews disappeared, 200 years passed and he, with Ellron and his knights, were unable to overcome Krill without the Sword of Zork and the Palantirs.

One day he met Ellron at their campsite and learned that his nephews had returned with the Sword. With the news that Krill was massing his forces beyond the Flood Control Dam, they left quickly without waiting for the kids, with plans to return to the White House after the battle.

However the battle didn't go well and they had to return to their underground base at the coal mine. He sent his gray owl to Ellron saying that Krill's warriors are massing already for battle and preparing for the final defeat. Ellron told him that his nephews were looking for the Palantirs Krill also found their base and they retreated with Ellron and some knights to the White House, worrying about where the kids might end up.

Eventually the kids emerge from the trapdoor, successful, and Syovar greets them with a caring smile, kind eyes. A soldier warns them that the House is surrounded by 10,000 of Krill's forces, and Syovar asks for the palantirs. He places the spheres in the trophy case, murmuring "Only when the Three Palantirs of Zork are returned to this case can the evil be driven from the land, and the Great Underground Empire rise once more." He drops to one knee, leaning on the hilt of the Sword, and recites a spell in an unknown tongue.

An arc of light encompasses all of them and they are transported on a hill in the center of a vast plain, Syovar on a mighty horse, surrounded by the enemies; behind them are the legendary Warriors of Zork whom Syovar calls to rid the kingdom of this scourge by destroying Krill.

The Warriors surround the forces of Krill and a battle rages, Syovar holding the glowing Sword of Zork high overhead, like a beacon. The Warriors of Zork press on, winning the battle, and then Krill appears before Syovar with his sword, asking for a challenge. Syovar, nodding grimly, leaps down and the two duel in the midst of the battle. Krill attempts with tricks and pyrotechnics to distract Syovar, and lunges and sinks his blade deep into warrior-wizard's side. Syovar drops to his knees, holoding his wound.

Syovar vs Krill.png

As Krill raises his sword for a final blow, a blue glow surrounds the Sword and his right arm, and blocks Krill's hit. Krill falls back, and Syovar plunges the Sword into Krill's heart. His body disappears in a giant puff of unwholesome smoke.

Suddenly they are all back in the living room of the house. Ellron attends to his wound andannounces that it is not serious. Syovars tells to the kids that the palantirs they brought served their purpose and are no more now that the evil has been vanquished. He thanks them for their service, and knowing they belong to another place and peopl, he gives them his Ring, saying that if they wear it, they will return whenever they want. He hugs them affectionately, and incants a brief spell. A puff of gray smoke surrounds them and they are back home.

The Malifestro Quest[]

Syovar tortured.png

Eventually the evil wizard Malifestro used a powerful spell and captured Syovar; Malifestro used a heavy ransom from the people, half the Kingdom of Zork and thousands of slaves, in order to free him. Ellron and his Knights of Frobozz started to find and rescue Syovar but none returned. During his absence thieves roamed Frobozz and the Castle of Zork was deserted, expecting an attack by the wizard.

Syovar was taken in a torture room, hanged by a rope, hissing snakes below him. He managed to send a dream message to Bivotar and Juranda, asking for their help, telling them to take an old underground root and find the black crystal sphere.

Syovar is back.png

The last thing he remembered was hanging over the snake pit with Malifestro thare. In his vanity and boastness, he told Syovar all his plans to enslave the Kingdom of Zork, revealing his strengths and waknesses, knowing that he wouldn't use that knowledge. He executed him, but the kids heard his call; they managed to arrive to the Malifestro's castle and had an imprisoned demon to bring him back to life. After some spell-chants and patterns in the air, smoke and sparks, Syovar appeared standing before them, dazed.

He embraced the kids, happy that they heard his call. Fred and Max were also there jumping with excitement as he patted on their heads. The kids said that they are in the casltand that he was preparing an invasion. Syovar said he knew his plans and had to engage the Wizard in mortal coimbat, matching their magics and wits. The elves told him not to get killed twice, and clapping his hands he brought them to the throne room. Syovar standed in the center and Malifestro appeared in a cloud of acrid smoke.

Syovar vs malifestro.png

Malifestro asked how many times he should kill him, and Syovar replied that it was his turn, transforming himself into a mountain lion, lunging at the Wizard. Malifestro becomes a wall of fire, making Syovar to leap back, and as a response, transform as a wave of water. Malifestro became a howling freezing air, pushing back the water, slowly freezing it. Then the iced surface flowed outwards around the wind, curling to form an ice sphere. Shrinking and shrinking it imprisoned the whirlwind, and Syovar appeared holding the crystal sphere.

With a wave of his arm, he transports themselves to the Castle of Zork; exhausted, he retires for the night.

The next day, people came to the Castle to celebrate the fall of Malifestro, and Syovar with the heroes came to the balcony to greet the cheering crowd who hailed and blessed him. He presented to them the two kids, whom he named Brave and Dauntless. Then embracing them, he said it was time to leave; after they greeted the elves, they return to their world.

The Cavern of Doom[]

The Kingdom of Zork continued to flourish under Syovar and the Mines of Zork reopened, producing coal and diamonds. Explorers discovered a new section of the former Empire, gathering adventurers and treasure hunters. They worried when nobody returned; knights went to look for them but they also disappeared. Among those were Fred and Max. He attempted himself to explore magically that cavern, but was unable to penetrate the powerful enchantment guarding it; he came to believe that only someone completely pure of heart, could enter the Cavern of Doom safely. He was forced to seal up that section of the Underground Empire forever, to prevent more losses.

It was a day of feast in the Castle of Zork, with joust tournament, a fair and a banquet. But Syovar was thoughtful because of the recent events and thought of Bivotar and Juranda all day.

Thoughtful Syovar.png

During a modest luncheon at the banquet hall, he was lost in thought when he felt a commotion among the crowd; the kids appeared magically in the adjoining throne room. His face lighted up. Juranda explained that they lsot the Ring of Zork and they were falling when unintentionally were teleported there. Syovar in his surprise said that they were perhaps protected by the power of the Ring, or it was his thoughts that brought them here. Pointing out that magic sometimes works in incomprehensible ways, the Ring appeared suddenly in mid-air, fell to the floor, and Syovar collected it into his pocket.

He invited the kids to join the banquet, or see the jousting or the crafts fair. But pointed out that he wanted to talk with them about something important, in his library, pointing out he is a good storyteller.


Eventually the kids met him in his study and he offered them cakes and herbal tea. He narrated stories of the Empire, his life and the recent developments, including the loss of their elf friends. As it was getting late, a servant escorted the kids to their chambers.

The next morning, the three had breakfast and as Syovar cracked open a dragon egg, the kids volunteered to explore the cavern. At first he forbade them, but the kids said they need to rescue Max and Fred. Over protests, and a painful dilemma, he warned them that brave and wise men already disappeared there, and that his magic had no power there. The kids insisted.

To the cavern.png

Syovar then wore his tunic, consulted a parchment map, and cast a spell. They teleported into a small underground hollow, complete with bundles and staffs. He chanted a long spell to open the stone door he himself sealed the cavern with. He gave them rations of food and water, a lamp and a talisman that detects evil. Before the kids enter, he blesses them with a protection spell, and once they enter, he seals the entrance again.

Much later he heard a rumble and ran to the banquet hall. He saw Bivotar and Juranda to whom he cried. Suddenly noticed a man in a princely garb, froze speechless and recognised his lost son Logrumethar. He ran and embraced him, crying.


That evening, he invited noblemen and enchanters from every township of the kingdom and held a mighty banquet to celebrate his return. Asked by Bivotar about the enchantment, he explained to him that there are some things that even a Grawl couldn't foresee; his son was cursed to be the terrible creature Grum but the enchantment began to break when they showed to him that their feelings as a person were more important than his appearance. Logrumethar added that the cuse completely broke when they teleported to the Castle.

Then Syovar stood and announced he'd test his abilities. Everyone hushed, and Syovar cast a powerful spell, that the air crackled with energy. A cloud of smoke formed in the center, spinning around and became a tornado, which grew larger. And when it was gone, with his mighty effort, there were the more than 100 lost explorers, treasure hunters and knights; having been turned to stone by Grum, Syovar returned them to life an transported them back. They looked dazed and confused.

Fred and Max were also there and hugged their friends. They explained how they discovered the jade figurine while explored the cave and started fighting again about who found it first. Syovar laughed and told them to stop before destroying the Castle, and with a touch he diplicated the figurine, finally pacifying them.

Then he said to the kids that it was the time to part again, expressing his gratitude for returning his son, a deed more important than his own life; he huged them and returned the Ring of Zork to Juranda.

Conquest at Quendor[]

While wars sapped lives and resources, Syovar has been working for many years to unite Frobozz and the neighboring lands in peace for mutual benefit. Finally, Syovar's dream seems to be coming true; thanks for the tremendous respect towards his person, the leaders of all the lands have agreed to meet at Quendor, an old city in the northlands, to sign a treaty proclaiming a union. Leading to that conference, all the warring neighbors entered a truce; but in reality they used this time to build huge armies, preparing for the alternative should the treaty not be signed.

Jeearr didn't want peace in Frobozz and attempted to prevent Syovar from attending the conference. He and Grawl captured Bivotar and Juranda to lure Syovar in a trap. He received a message from a nymph that Bivotar and Juranda are captured in a dungeon, which was in a deserted castle used by Grawl. With Fred and Max they went there to rescue the kids, and had the elves being captured to help them.

Grawl vs Syovar.png

As the elves met the kids in the dungeon, a wall of the dungeon exploded into a cloud of smoke and mortar, and formed a gaping hole. They saw Syovar in the opening, locked in combat with Grawl. Syovar had an invisible shield that protected him from Grawl's lightning. Syovar conjured a huge monster, with enormous venomous fangs, but Grawl conjured an even fiercer one which devoured Syovar's. The two magicians circled each other, edging toward the center of the room to avoid being cornered by the other, allowing the kids and the elves to escape. Bivotar however saw that Syovar needed help. the battle reaches a climax with walls of fire filling the dungeon, severely wounding both. The dispersing flames revealed Grawl lying dead and Syovar staggering, badly burned. Above Grawl's body appeared Jeearr, with anger in his eye, warning them that he will fail on everything he had planned. Styovar stumbled back and fell down.

They were transported to one of the turret rooms of the Castle of Zork. Syovar on a canopied bed asleep or unconscious, Logrumethar leaning over him, applying ointment to his burns. Max and Fred summoned a healer. The kids narrate to Logrumethar what they saw and he determines that it was the work of Jeearr, who allowed Grawl to inflict such damage. Logrumethar said about Syovar's plans to unite the lands, and Jeearr's real objective was to foil this plan to bring peace.

Syovar unconscious.png

A healer began tending to Syovar with potions, and was unable to say if he would survive. However the fact that he wouldn't attend the conferance put peace at risk and Logrumethar feared that its failure would lead to bloodshed.

Logrumethar's plan was to find and use the Helm of Zork which would allow him to impersonate his father and convince the others to sign the Treaty of Quendor. Indeed, he sent Biv and June to another adventure, who soon returned with the Helm, while he stayed by his father's side, seeing him going paler and losing his breath. Meanwhile the alchemists worked day and night to find something that would heal him, and found a procedure of potions and spells, which was no time to test. Logrumethar appointed Biv and June responsible for him, and he left for Quendor in haste.

The next morning the healer said that he might not endure that day, and told the kids about the experimental procedure; being responsible in Logrumethar's place, the kids concluded that although risky, this procedure was his only chance. The healer and his assistants then started working, amidst tiny explosions, accompanied by bursts of light accompanied by strange burning odors for about an hour. Color returned to Syovar's cheeks, and breathed normally; the healer expressed his optimism. Hours later Logrumethar arrived holding the signed treaty, and said that the Helm's magic fooled everyone.

The next day, Syovar regained consciousness for the first time and Logrumethar narrated to him all that happened in Quendor. He called the kids to his bedside to thank them for their help and expressed his love, as if they were his own children. He told them than next time they will see the results of Quendor, and with a nod he teleports them home.