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Finding the Nineteen Treasures of Zork is the primary goal of the interactive fiction game Zork 1.

The items are spread throughout the entire GUE and some of them are needed to acquire others (e.g. the clockwork canary is needed to obtain the brass bauble). It is not quite clear whether the treasures were created by the First Dungeon Master, or were all relics of the Great Underground Empire.

In 948 GUE a brave adventurer traveled through the tunnels of the Eastlands Underground, and on his way to becoming the second Dungeon Master, one of his tasks to prove his worth was to acquire the Twenty Treasures. Placing all the treasures inside the trophy case, located in the White House's living room, will reveal a map that leads the adventurer to another area.

The Treasures[]

  • Jewel-encrusted egg
  • Clockwork canary
  • Beautiful painting (probably one of the lost works of Leonardo Flathead?)
  • Brass bauble
  • Pot of gold
  • Platinum bar
  • Ivory torch
  • Gold coffin
  • Egyptian sceptre of Ramses II
  • Trunk of jewels
  • Crystal trident of Poseidon
  • Jade figurine
  • Sapphire bracelet
  • Huge diamond
  • Bag of coins (probably zorkmids?)
  • Crystal skull from Hades
  • Jeweled scarab
  • Large emerald
  • Silver chalice

...and an ancient map.