The Wishbringer was the heart of the princess Morning-Star, all that was left of her mortal remains. Hard and shrunken in her grave on Misty Island, was shining brightly with the stifled wishes of her lifetime.

A scholar exploring Misty Island came across the tomb of the princess and found the Wishbringer, now a magic stone. It was said to grant seven wishes to its bearer. It passed through many hands, and eventually came into the possession of the proprietor of Festeron's magic shop in the tenth century GUE who may had been Y'Gael.

The Evil One, desiring power over Wishbringer, magically turned the village of Festeron into Witchville in order to capture the stone. The Festeron postal employee who succeeded in defeating The Evil One magically altered Wishbringer by transforming it into one facet of Chaos a mysterious cat.

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